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America loses $550B annually because 2 out of 3 workers are disengaged.

In 2023 Surgeon General Dr Vivek Murthy called America to be in a “loneliness epidemic”, citing that 40% Americans felt isolated. He sent out a rallying cry for creating a “culture of connection” to combat this.

At Stories & Wisdom, we enable inclusive cultures of connection.

Our Client

A federal organization of passionate, highly educated, and mission-driven individuals, both medical and non-medical professionals, whose mission is to advance holistic, data-driven suicide prevention in the military community.

Their team represents a diverse spectrum of society, with 70% of the members being women, a third identifying as individuals of color, and a quarter identifying as LGBTQ+. It was a high-performing but burned out and frustrated team

Soldiers in Uniform
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Event Goals

Their event objective was to foster a cohesive and motivated team by enhancing empathy and team bonding and strengthening clarity of roles and responsibilities.

They wanted their event to be inclusive by design where the event would foster a culture of connection that transcended age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and physical disabilities (including their vision-impaired colleague), thereby promoting empathy, team bonding, and a sense of belonging within the organization.

Over 8 months in 2023, we ran inclusive experiences:
one half day in-person workshop and two hybrid events to enable this culture of connection.
Business strategy


We wanted to design an event where unique perspectives could be valued in an environment where there was an increased psychological safety, where participants would feel encouraged to engage in active listening during team discussions and empathy-building activities.


This required a careful design method for the event.

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Inclusive by DESIGN

Inclusion was at the heart of our approach. 


Our digital platform was designed to be Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 AA compatible.

Event Photos

Political Interview


"… allowed people to not only be relaxed and have fun, but also give them time to develop trust through storytelling which works for teams across all beliefs, cultures and backgrounds"


Qualitative Organizational Outcomes

The immersive storytelling approach of STORIES led to significant outcomes: enhanced empathy, team bonding, and role clarity.

Participant Feedback

The overall experience received a 9/10 rating in post-experience feedback, with 91.7% of participants acknowledging successful achievement of intended learning objectives.

Planned Follow Up

Stakeholders recognized the game’s potential for broader applications, expressing enthusiasm for potential scaling and AI integration. Follow-ups with the client are underway for a broader roll-out.

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We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Human Engagement & Culture Transformation

Our two digital platforms work in tandem to help your organization engage your employees, customers and partners.


Personal story-driven gamified bonding experience.

Customized. Scalable. Safe for work fun.

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Organizational sentiments and insights across time.

Privacy-compliant. Anonymized. Actionable.

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